Branded (2018)
"BRANDED" is an intense, mind-bending thriller that dives deeply into the world of murder for hire. The tools of choice for this highly connected crime boss are sex and violence. With the employing of super seductive and cunning women, the unknowing targets go along willingly to their demise. The plot thickens when John, a local police officer, gets involved with one of the girls (Kim) who winds up getting murdered. Bent on finding her killer, he sets his eyes on Chuck, who was last seen around the time of Kim's death. This unfortunate turn of events sends John on a downward spiral that puts his life and others in great harm. On the other side, a newly recruited girl (Erika) awakens in a world of murder, money and deceit that she is trying desperately to get out of. With John trying to get in and Erika desperately trying to get out, the clock is ticking and people are scheduled to die

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