Qwiken (2018)
Gifted Simon Robinson is a 13 year old highly intelligent, socially awkward, autistic boy living on a rough council estate called "The East Wing Estate". Simon is a bit of a loner, his dad left when he was 2 and he has no siblings or friends. Petra, (Simons mum), works 4 jobs to make ends meet. Petra is Simons best friend and they hangout when Petra is not working which is hardly ever. The "East Wing Estate" is plagued with drug dealers, fraudulent activities, violence and murder for hire which is carried out by the local gang "The RH11 Firm", run by firm leader Jordan Banks. There is also a rival gang based west of the estate run by local bad boy Rags. Both firms tolerate each other because they have a business interest with one another. The residents of the estate dare not challenge these dealers, God knows, - the police have tried and failed!. How will Simon cope with living on the estate? Life is tough enough for poor Simon as it is. Will Simon jump to the dark side and join the ..

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