Fogg (2016)
Matthew Fogg is a brilliant, highly rehearsed sociopath who will do anything to satisfy an urge or to experience something new. In his world, there is only what he wants. Dr. Maggie O'Shea is the lead scientist working at a university hospital. She is smart and beautiful. She leads a team that is developing a treatment that will give sociopaths emotions, feelings, and most importantly, empathy. Dr. O'Shea crosses paths with Matthew at the University hospital when he is robbed and knocked unconscious. When she sees his CT scan, she knows immediately that he's a sociopath. She examines him and tells him about her study. Sparked by the idea of experiencing emotions and feelings, and capped by his sexual curiosity about Dr. O'Shea, Matthew is tested and joins the study. After gene therapy and a few months of behavioral remodeling, Matthew shows great progress and Dr. O'Shea closely monitors him. For the first time in his life, he begins to have real affective emotions. Guilt, anger, ..

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