My Sunset Girl (2016)
CODY, a sensitive, rebellious teen, is forced to clean up horse stables at the local fair by his father, JASON. During his orientation on 'Poop scooping for dummies,' he befriends MATTHEW, an awkward teen who becomes his poop scooping buddy. When MATTHEW shows CODY the fair grounds they spot an extremely attractive horse trainer, ANNA. When CODY and MATTHEW fail to find their clean-up bucket, MATTHEW sends CODY to the stables to look for one. He runs into ANNA, who tells him that his new job is to clean her horse's stable. As they begin to talk, ANNA expresses a desire to find out who he is and what he wants his life to be. CODY reveals his desire to be a filmmaker. ANNA encourages him to get involved with the State Fair Film Crew where he meets JACK, who becomes his mentor. Despite his father's opposition, CODY begins to love film again and is asked to direct an important film. Everything is going according to plan when ANNA'S horse show conflicts with the crew's big film shoot. As ..

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