Boneyard (2024)
"Boneyard" is a suspenseful horror film directed by Asif Akbar. The movie follows a group of friends who decide to explore an abandoned graveyard known as the Boneyard. As they delve deeper into the cemetery, they begin to experience strange and terrifying occurrences that lead them to discover the dark secrets hidden within the graveyard.
As the friends try to unravel the mysteries of the Boneyard, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish situation where they must confront their worst fears in order to survive. With each passing moment, the group becomes increasingly desperate to find a way out of the graveyard before it's too late.
Filled with chilling suspense and spine-tingling scares, "Boneyard" takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the unknown as the characters fight to escape the clutches of the evil forces that lurk within the cemetery. Will they be able to make it out alive, or will they become the latest victims of the Boneyard's dark and sinister powers?

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