Untitled Blumhouse Productions Film (2024)
In this suspenseful and chilling horror film from Blumhouse Productions, a group of friends decide to spend a weekend at a remote cabin in the woods. As they settle in for a fun getaway, strange and terrifying events begin to unfold.
They soon realize that they are not alone in the cabin, and that something sinister is lurking in the shadows. As they try to unravel the mystery of what is happening, they quickly realize that they are in a fight for their lives against a powerful and malevolent force.
With tension building and stakes getting higher, the friends must band together and use all their wits and strength to survive the night. But as the true nature of their enemy is revealed, they come to realize that their fight may be far from over.
This heart-pounding thriller will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as the friends battle against an evil that is beyond their comprehension. Full of twists and turns, this untitled Blumhouse Productions film is sure to leave viewers breathless.

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