MaXXXine (2024)
MaXXXine is a thrilling and intense horror film directed by master of horror, Ti West. The story follows a young woman named Maxine who embarks on a weekend getaway with her friends to a remote cabin in the woods.
However, their fun vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when they discover they are not alone in the cabin. As they are hunted down one by one by a mysterious and sadistic killer, Maxine must rely on her wit and survival skills to outsmart her enemy and make it out alive.
As the tension mounts and the body count rises, Maxine must confront her inner demons and fight for her life in a desperate battle for survival. Will she make it out alive, or will she fall victim to the relentless killer? Find out in MaXXXine, a heart-pounding thrill ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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