Bjudlocket (2016)
Ah, Sweden. Prosperity. Tolerance and equality. ABBA, social democracy and clean fresh air and... snus - the superstrong smokeless tobacco that is forbidden all over Europe. A harmless alternative to smoking according to some. Others might disagree... Things seem to be looking up for small time thief Karsten Lammstrom. His prison time is coming to an end. On the outside waits Annika, his wife to be, and a livelihood: a sightseeing-boat in the Swedish archipelago. What Karsten doesn't need is a Balkan warlord arriving to the prison; notorious Serbian torturer, Zlatko Pavic. When Zlatko takes an interest in Karstens habit to use snus, things take an unexpected turn of events. Karsten ends up facing a grueling moral dilemma

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