Temuan Takdir (2016)
A movie with subtle yet powerful messages of duty, love and the deep bond of brotherhood, TEMUAN TAKDIR is the story of two dedicated police officer brothers, ACP Tuan Roslan and Inspector Shariff. They intelligently pursue the 'Mastermind' behind a security van heist. The investigation leads them to a three-man gang; Omar, Faisal and Vikram, whose plans get rattled by a series of unexpected turns, as each has his own hidden agenda. As the police chase intensifies and the clues lead them closer to solving the crime of greed, the inevitable Takdir or fate makes its call and each must meet it. TEMUAN TAKDIR is more than just a romantic or action movie; it gives viewers an insight into the lives of police officers who are vulnerable beneath their uniforms of steel. Directed by first-time Director, Dhyan Vimal, the movies stars Zahim Albakri, Vanidah Imran, Ery Zukhairi, Azura Zainal, Amai Kamarudin, Malieq Abdullah and Thanuja Ananthan

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