Mothballs and FireFlies (2016)
As the old saying goes true love attracts like a moth to a flame. That's just not the case for young Ashlyn Smith. She is a hardworking, fun loving, college student having the worst day of her life. To top that off it's her birthday, and the cheer seems to be lost in a land far far away. This new classic showcases life in a small town, with a huge music scene and a whole bunch of busy nobodies trying to get to the top. Love just might be in the air. Will you guess the shoe that fits our emo- Cinderella, or vote for the diamond in the ruff who might just win more than a little prize money by the time the sun starts to rise? Join us to see why Mothballs, made as it seems to repel, do just the opposite for this firefly. Try not to fall in love, thats the name of the game. Are you up to the challenge? Written by W

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