Romeo & Radhika (2016)
In The Movie Romeo and Radhika, Romeo Represents naughtiness in Love and Radhika Represents The Sincerity of Love but both of them represent the Art Of Love in modern era which has the feeling to go extreme to become one. People fall in love with their best friends in real life all the time. Have You Ever Proposed Your Best Friend ??? Sometimes the sweetest love stories are ones that start with a friendship and ends in eternal love. R&R is a journey about how Rahul wins Radhika's heart with great help of his best buddies though this journey has lot of turns and twist in it creates a great story to watch. Radhika represents today's modern girl with great value system of the gujarati family exhibit the perfect mix of a true friend and a very responsible personality in it. All the characters are unique and will surely connect to some or the other way to our all audience

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