Kattumakkan (2016)
Madhavan is an ordinary man living in a village with his wife Gauthami and children Neethu and Rahul. An unexpected person came into their happy family life and very soon their happiness and family is destroyed by that person. Madhavan's was not the first family thus destroyed by that unknown person. But Madhavan is the first one who got ready to take his revenge upon that man. Madhavan had planned that man's murder and he executes it. But he not tried to escape from the punishment. He surrendered to the police. But the unexpected turn of events happens in a way that police investigation shows that Madahavan was innocent and that unknown person had died even before Madhavan had killed him. And there are few more people came out with the claim that they killed that particular person and they also had evidence in their hands to prove that they are the killers. Then the investigation becomes really interesting and that is what forms the plot of this film. Mukesh playing the character of ..

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