Bachelor (2016)
For the first time in human history, a generation of us have been raised on accessible pornography. For pretty much everybody born in the digital age, watching porn has become about as regular a life activity as riding a bike, but what would we do if it was suddenly taken away? Bachelor is a short comedy telling the story of David, a sexually frustrated university student continuing a lifelong habit of masking his inability to communicate with women by excessively masturbating to online pornography. When a national porn ban is brought into effect by a government under increasing pressure from incredibly persistent feminist protest groups, David is forced to find satisfaction by alternative means, means that lead him to question his perception of the opposite sex and the effect that porn has had on his mind. The film is a generational tale, with an original story that everybody alive today can relate to wrapped within an immature comedy about wanking, empty promises of an orgy and the ..

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