Transformation (2016)
From the Director of "Rise up and Fall" comes a chilling thriller about a serial killer that is loose in the city of Syracuse New York. Many serial killers have claimed through history that they feel as though they are possessed by a demon or a higher power that orders them to kill. This killer is no different, and he believes that everyone he kills will be transformed into his own kingdom in hell for them to worship him. This man is tormented by his past as a young boy and the relationship between him and his father, who tells him women are evil and should be punished for their sins. A police profiler/detective from New York City who has his own demons is called in to help the local police with the investigation to catch the killer. His skills and knowledge of serial killers bring him closer and closer to this man. A thin line between reality and dreams is crossed and you as the viewer will be tested and brought into the madness of Transformation

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