The Last Night Inn (2016)
The Last Night Inn reveals the intercutting stories of desperation, sex and deceit, which takes place at a crappy LA motel in a night of coincidences, betrayals and crime. The Last Night Inn, follows an assortment of characters who inhabit the fringes of society and share the dubious distinction of checking into the Last Night Inn during the same unfortunate night. Low level mobsters who find themselves scrambling to save their lives when their plan to win favor with their boss backfires; two lost souls who make a desperate attempt to reunite and correct the sins of their past; a troubled woman, who finds herself at the end of her rope only to discover that fate sometimes has its own plans; and a man with a young girl, seeking revenge for the damage done to them. The Inn will no longer be refuge for the underbelly of society; crime and tragedy is waiting for them.

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