The Open Door (2016)
Rosa is an unhappy and sulky prostitute who inherited the profession from Antonia, her mother, an avid fan of Sara Montiel who turns her daily life in a hell. Living in a poor apartment with very little money, Rosa spends the days with Antonia and Carlos, a transgender prostitute who lives in the same corridor that them. The lives of them three change the day that Masha, a Russian prostitute of the same corridor, dies by overdose. Lyuba, Masha's little daughter, decides hide inside Rosa's house after to learn the obsession of Antonia to keep open the door from her apartment when Rosa goes to work (due to her fear to fall on the ground or suffer a heart attack and no one can help her). When Rosa discovers Lyuba, she insists to call the police to give them Lyuba, but Antonia rejects the idea. Carlos and Antonia convince Rosa to care Lyuba for a few days meanwhile they looking for Yuri, Lyuba's older brother, hoping that he takes the child and move any problem faraway from them. Fearing ...

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