Tight Dress (2016)
Lisa is a young designer from Paris. She is starting to work as an independent designer and she wants to make a fashion show. A friend of her, a girl named Hêlin persuades Lisa to make the show in Diyarbakir, telling her that in there you can find the most beautiful girls to parade as models. Hêlin will try to find the girls for the fashion show before Lisa arrives from Paris. But the challenge is bigger than expected. Hêlin is going through the city with Nezmi, who helps her, trying to find young, beautiful, special girls, but also older women, between 16 to 40 years old. All the girls dream of being part of the show but the men (husbands, brothers, uncle, etc.) don't accept to let the girls parade. Hêlin has much difficulties to go on with the project. The problem is not the women, but the men. However Hêlin finds a young girl, very special named Gulé. Gulé will get married but her husband is kind and open minded, very proud to see Gulé parade for the show. When Lisa arrives from ...

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