Central Intelligence (2016)
After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.As the CIA agents follow Calvin to his office, Bob successfully abducts Calvin, while explaining that he is trying to stop the "Black Badger" from selling the satellite codes, but needs Calvin's skills as a forensic accountant to figure out the exact location where the deal will happen. The pair is then attacked by Larry (a former CIA agent turned bounty hunter). During the attack, Calvin runs away but is intercepted by Pam. Pam informs Calvin that Bob is delusional and the "Black Badger" doesn't exist. She gives Calvin a device that will alert the CIA to his whereabouts when he is reunited with Bob. Calvin then goes to marriage counseling where Bob is posing as the marriage counselor (the real counselor he has tied up, gagged and stashed in the office closet). Bob convinces Calvin to help him and Calvin sets up a meeting with Trevor (one of Bob's bullies) so they can obtain the account number that reveals the location of the deal. Trevor helps them, but not before bullying Bob again by pretending to apologize for the past and then calling him fat. Calvin encourages Bob to punch out Trevor just like he did to the bullies at the bar, but Bob freezes up. As they are leaving Trevor's office, Pam calls Calvin and threatens to arrest Maggie if he doesn't turn Bob in. Calvin betrays Bob and Bob is arrested.

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