Strange Darling (2024)
Strange Darling is a dark and twisted psychological thriller directed by the talented filmmaker JT Mollner. The film follows the story of a young woman named Alice who becomes obsessed with a mysterious and alluring stranger. As Alice delves deeper into the stranger's dark past, she begins to unravel a web of lies, deceit, and danger.,As Alice's obsession with the stranger grows, she finds herself drawn into a world of manipulation and violence. The line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred, and Alice must confront her own demons in order to survive.,With stunning visuals, a haunting score, and a gripping storyline, Strange Darling is a captivating and suspenseful film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end. JT Mollner's direction brings a unique and chilling vision to the screen, creating a truly unforgettable and unsettling cinematic experience.

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