Not Another Church Movie (2024)
"Not Another Church Movie" is a hilarious and satirical comedy directed by James Michael Cummings and Johnny Mack. Set in a suburban town, the film follows a zany and dysfunctional group of church members who decide to make their own movie to spread the message of faith and love.

Led by Pastor John (played by Johnny Mack), a well-meaning but eccentric leader, the church members embark on a wild and outrageously funny journey as they navigate the challenges of filmmaking. From casting auditions filled with quirky characters to dealing with unexpected production mishaps, every step of the movie-making process becomes a hilarious adventure.

As the church members try to blend their faith into the storyline, they encounter hilarious situations and encounter various comedic roadblocks. From disagreements on script interpretation to comical on-set accidents, the film pokes fun at the clichés and tropes often associated with church movies.

In their pursuit of creating an entertaining film that spreads a positive message, the church members learn valuable lessons about teamwork, patience, and the importance of faith. With heartwarming moments and uproarious comedy, "Not Another Church Movie" provides a refreshing and lighthearted take on the often serious world of faith-based filmmaking.

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