Sometimes I Think About Dying (2024)
"Sometimes I Think About Dying" is a poignant and introspective film directed by Rachel Lambert. The movie revolves around Fran, a young woman who battles with depression and existential thoughts. Feeling disconnected from the world, Fran often finds herself contemplating the concept of dying.

As the story unfolds, we are taken on a journey through Fran's daily life, where subtle observations and moments of reflection bring out her vulnerability and inner turmoil. Lambert skillfully captures Fran's conflicting emotions through nuanced cinematography and a thoughtful script.

Along the way, Fran encounters unexpected connections with fellow lost souls, challenging her preconceived notions about life and death. Through these encounters, the film explores themes of loneliness, mental health, and the human desire for connection.

"Sometimes I Think About Dying" beautifully balances moments of darkness with a tender sense of hope. Lambert's direction delves into the complexities of Fran's thoughts, offering an empathetic portrayal of mental health struggles. The film encourages introspection and invites viewers to reflect on their own desires, fears, and the meaning of life.

With stellar performances and a captivating narrative, "Sometimes I Think About Dying" is a thought-provoking film that leaves a lasting impression. Rachel Lambert's directorial debut showcases her talent for capturing raw emotions and providing a compassionate exploration of the human psyche.

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