Shaft 6 (2018)
SHAFT 6 Carlton, 2006. The small mining town is rocked by the discovery of a corpse in the infamous Shaft 6. Mystery surrounds the motive, but another dead miner is a reminder of how little has changed in democracy. The town is on edge and the people want answers. Striking miners barricade the entrance to the mine and refuse to allow anyone inside the complex to leave before their demands are met. Sergeant Bo Mazibuko, a well-respected police officer and team leader in the Riot Squad, is sent in to diffuse the situation. In the back of his mind, he finds himself being drawn to the case. Detective Heinrich Theron, a rebel with a cause, fights to stay point on the case. The Police Captain is concerned about his relationship with the mine boss. Johan Theron, his father, has run the mine for many years, passed down from generation to generation; there would be no town without it. However, when Johan arrives at Bo's house to call in a personal debt, it becomes apparent the body is set to ..

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