Redemption of the Incredible Hulk (2018)
Based on the 1977 - 1982 CBS TV series, THE INCREDIBLE HULK. 5 years ago, Dr. David Banner was researching the sources of unexplained strength capable of being produced by all humans during moments of crisis. In an attempt to further advance his theories, David conducted an experiment on himself, where he accidentally exposed himself to a massive dose of gamma radiation. Now, whenever David is overcome with extreme emotions or feelings - anger, fear, frustration, pain - he undergoes a startling transformation into a savage creature nicknamed simply "The Hulk." Due to an erroneous story printed in the tabloid newspaper The National Register, The Hulk was believed to be responsible for the death of David's close friend and colleague, Dr. Elaina Marks, as well as David himself. A warrant for murder was issued against the creature promptly following the news report. Since then, David has been forced to live his life as a fugitive, traveling from one city to the next, changing his name ..

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