Zaspanka za vojnike (2018)
Stevan Jakovljevic, a biology teacher and World War I veteran who fought for the Serbian army, arrives to the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the end of the war and the opening of an ossuary in the village where he used to be stationed with his first company, the Fifth Artillery Battery. Back then, Stevan had to take sudden leave of absence and was then reassigned to another unit, and one of the reasons he came to the opening of the ossuary is to find out what had happened to his fellow soldiers, especially to his immediate superior, Second Lieutenant Aleksandar. There he encounters only the aged Commander, and through their flashbacks we see the fate of the Fifth Battery which was disbanded in that very village, we see some difficult but also some joyous moments, as well as the relationship between Stevan and Aleksandar which evolves from initial hostility to friendship. What Stevan learns from the Commander will change everything - Aleksandar knowingly sacrificed himself..

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