The Dog of Christmas (2018)
French Riviera, a typical wealthy family, composed of father, mother and four children, two sons and two daughters, who lives in a beautiful house.The father is still very in love with his wife, but she doesn't share the same feelings anymore due to a series of events that made her apathetic and unhappy.Christmas is around the corner and the kids as a gift would like to adopt a dog but, despite the positive opinion of the father, the mother refused the idea. The dad decides to carry out a "coup" and do things in secret by presenting the fait accompli to the mother, against her will. So he goes to the kennel and, after seeing many dogs, he chooses a nice Shih Tzu, even if the person in charge of the place advise him the animal is very mischievous... People brought him back three times! His name: Alex!The father gathers the kids to tell them about the dog... Everyone is enthusiastic about the news and they decide to wrap the animal as a present under the Christmas tree... While the ..

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