Love is Not Love (2018)
From the eye of the narrator-Siren comes a vision of domestic apocalypse. The connection between men and women is broken and in need of repair not replacement. Frank, married, 60's, emerges from the city streets that teem with pedestrians whose brief conversations reveal they are all in the chase for love. Frank joins the chase, too, as he pursues Reyna, a Mexican-American escort, 40's, also married. In the course of their encounter, each tries to turn the other into their mate. They fail. At dawn on Valentine's Day, Frank tells Paula, his wife of 30 years, his dream that night of a catastrophe that claimed both their lives. As they were dying he told her, in the dream: "I'm glad it was you that I married." Paula makes him repeat that. He does. They open to each other. In the last scene, Reyna again crosses Frank's path

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