The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra (2018)
The mystical kingdom of Ramthep City is under siege by the demonic Yaksas. Led by their merciless Lord Dehayaksa, the innocent citizens of Ramthep struggle under the tyranny of Yaksa control, the darkness of the Yaksas spreading to all corners of the kingdom. A prophecy of a man born under the blessed star of Leo, a man that can use Ramthep's most ancient weapon, a mythical stone that represents the spirit of Muay Thai. The 9th Satra. General Paan, escaping from Dehayaksa's army with the 9th Satra through the secret tunnel beneath the Throne Room. Also in his charge is OTT, a baby Paan has rescued from the Yaksas that destroyed his village. Pursued by Dehayaksa's merciless tracker BLACKJAGER, Paan barely escapes into a violent storm, keeping the 9th Satra and Baby Ott safe from the enemies of Ramthep. Many years pass, and Ott live his life on a remote island of Nok Ann where he is trained in the martial art of Muay Thai to finish the mission Paan began so many years ago of delivering ..

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