The Descent to Madness (2017)
Prominent movie director, Patrick Quinn, prepares for his entertainer wife's much anticipated and highly publicized televised concert film for the well-oil machine, Caldwell Studios. Problem is, Quinn is on the verge of a nervous breakdown as the object of his obsession quickly eclipses his own beloved fame. All this while the major movie studio company producing the film has silently kept private the whereabouts of their out of control head of the movie studios, tech-entrepreneur billionaire playboy Easton Caldwell. Both men, friends and foes, fall in love with Patrick's wife, the larger-than-life Gemma Valentine. Her greatness is their downfall. Upon Easton's return, Patrick's frame of mind unravels. They're quickly losing control of him as he documents his downward spiral on social media, attracting a bevy of unusual characters. The love triangle seeks refuge toward their longtime agent, powerhouse Hollywood Fixer Alpi Klein, and fresh meat, new teen queen and runaway Adrienne ..

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