Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis (2017)
Shimajiro and his friends meet Coco, a girl who was separated from her mother during a severe sandstorm. They decide to help Coco find her mother, leaving Dr. Roarson behind to repair the Dig-Bug so they can all go home. This is the fifth movie starring a tiger boy named Shimajiro, and it was screened in movie theaters around Japan. The movie has been conceived to be a child's first movie theater experience, and has been designed in a way that will hold the attention of a young audience throughout the film. Each child is given a cardboard megaphone that they are encouraged to use at various times by the story's characters to cheer them on or shout a particular phrase, and even use as a weapon to thwart the film's villain. The film itself features a wide variety of entertainment, from sing-alongs to dance-alongs, puppet animation, and regular animation. Japanese screenings of the movie come with a short break in the middle, while the lighting and sound in the theater are adjusted to ..

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