Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 (2017)
Fahri, now living in Edinburgh and even a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, was forced to live his daily life alone. Together with Uncle Hulusi, his Turkish household assistant, he continued his life without Aisha. Sometimes Fahri was still crying when she remembered her memories with Aisha. The fact that his beloved wife now vanished somewhere, made him miserable and almost desperate. So he spends his days immersing himself in the busy work, research, teaching, and business that he and Aisha shared together. Aisha disappeared on a trip to Palestine with her girlfriend while wanting to make stories and reportage about life there. Aisha's friend was found in a state of loss of life and body condition is pathetic and very likely Aisha condition is also the same even though his body has not been found at this time. For more than two years Fahri grieved and drowned in the search for his beloved wife. He also moved to Edinburgh because that is the city that Aisha really liked in the..

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