Five Seconds to Go (2017)
Rhee Joyce is an African-American high school basketball phenomenon much like Kobe and LeBron were in their youth. Fresh off a high school state championship in which he hit the game winner with just five seconds to go, Rhee suffers a catastrophic injury in a street pick-up basketball game. In a span of five very different seconds, Rhee's basketball dreams vanish... His college scholarship is rescinded, his road to the NBA gone... All that Rhee and his working-class family have devoted to his basketball career has been wasted. When he receives an offer to coach basketball at an elite privileged middle school, Rhee's life has a chance for rebirth. Through the clash of backgrounds and temperaments between Rhee and his players, Rhee learns not just how to coach them but to inspire them - all the way to the state championships... and learns something about himself along the way

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