A: Aku, Benci & Cinta (2017)
For ANGGIA (INDAH PERMATASARI), the most annoying creature in school is ALVARO (JEFFRY NICHOLS). The rese guy became KETUA OSIS, while Anggia became his deputy. They never get along in meetings. When Anggia disagrees on Prom, Alvaro even mocks that Anggia is afraid of not being able to partner. This makes Anggia upset. Fortunately, appeared ALEX (BRANDON SALIM), a friend of sister Anggia who is attentive and understanding. Super Ideal for Anggia. But somehow, fate continues to unite Anggia and Alvaro. Alvaro is required to be a music tutor for Anggia when school time is over. Two torturous hours for Anggia, faced with an annoying bloke like Alvaro. However, day after day, make Anggia know Alvaro more closely. Behind his cynicism, hidden his unique attention. Behind the flamboyant, stored a deep sense of loneliness. Awe and excitement arise. But it is not easy for both to acknowledge the feeling. There is still Alex in the life of Anggia. While Alvaro still has ATHALA (AMANDA RAWLES), ..

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