Das kleine Vergnügen (2017)
Emma is a 50 year old unemployed mother of two grown up children, who's husband is looking for his sexual awaking - with another woman. The thought of filing for divorce also turns out as a financial threat for Emma. She starts looking for jobs and ends up as a salesperson in an "erotic market", run by Charlie. She quickly realizes that the ranch of products in the shop is not made for women and decides to revamp the store into an "erotic boutique for women and everyone who loves women". Emma also develops friendships with some of her female customers and undertakes a journey in search of her own orgasm, which she has lost over the years. Thus her attitude about herself, life in general and towards her husband changes. Her husband on the other hand is more and more interested in Emma, since she started to focus on her (sexual) self. Emma also increasingly emancipates herself from her ultra conservative mother, Hildegard, and from her two grown-up children (daughter and son) for whom ..

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