Creepin It Real (2017)
After T discovers that her girlfriend is cheating on her, they break up leaving her with nowhere to stay. After telling her best friend Melissa the news, Melissa agrees to let her move in with her family (father and little brother), until she gets back on her feet. When T see's Melissa's dad for the first time she realizes that he's not just an ordinary dad, he's a D.I.L.F! Behind Melissa's unsuspecting back, T and Melissa's dad hook up and fall in love. By the time Melissa realizes what is happening, it's too late. Forced to learn how to live under the same roof as her future step mom, who changes the rules of the house, and turns her own family against her, Melissa becomes furious. Once realizing that T is marrying her dad, Melissa seeks revenge, leading both women to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives and music careers. Written by Britt O

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