Letters to Ganesh (2017)
Richie is an exceedingly accomplished, yet emotionally immature writer who takes his kind hearted girlfriend Katie for granted as he struggles to complete his second novel. In hopes of curing Richie of his egocentric behavior Katie plans a trip to India during the Ganesh festival. The trip proves to be more work than both of them are cut out for and Katie counts the trip as a bust, until Richie has an unexpected transcendental experience. The couple returns home to New York early and Richie writes his third novel while Katie completes her debut novel. The couple's obstacles prove to be removed until Richie decides to "pop the question." The absurdity of Richie's proposal turns his hopelessly romantic girlfriend into a would-be runaway bride. Richie assumes his relationship is over till his damaged, yet lovable friends show up at his doorstep to help him win Katie back. This darkly funny romance is a perfect balance between melancholy love and laugh-out-loud comedy

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