A Life Lost in Colours (2017)
A Turkish Painter's life appears in front of a reporter in Paris-1952. Journey of his life, from a rich family in Istanbul-1904 to struggling life of the Artists ends in south-France 1967. Love of football caused him to limp. Spanish Flu, causes his mother death. His father remarries, which makes them enemy. He moves to Germany, studies painting. There he meets Marlene Dietrich. Then he meets love of his life. Father is against it. He returns to Turkey, teaches, paints. He tries to get recognized as an Artist but no luck. He is institutionalized at the mental hospitals. He moves to Paris due to the 2ND world war. He meets Picasso. His mentally disturbing behavior and the pain cause him a tough life. He lived rest of his life in France and died longing for his country

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