Love Is... (2017)
Everyone wants love. Everyone craves love. Everyone deserves love; but how each person defines love, varies greatly. When Nick and Maddie meet, their needs and cravings appear to be met. Nick misses work and spends his last penny to find new and unusual ways to entertain, Maddie and make her day. Maddie, an art history student and financially quote comfortable, has no idea that Nick, eventually loses his job due to his absences. Finally, Nick, who works for his father, takes extra shifts and works like a dog, not merely to keep funding their adventures, but to save up for a special surprise for the girl who stole his heart. Tragically, the fabric of their relationship begins to fray as Nick begins to come home more and more exhausted and unable to keep up with Maddie. Spending many of their nights at home, Maddie begins to get restless and interprets Nick's lethargy as complacency. A contentious fight ensues which culminates in a huge misunderstanding. Nick leaves. Both have ..

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