Earth Without War (2017)
EARTH WITHOUT WAR ( A FUTURISTIC SPAGHETTI WESTERN) The year is 2097 and after the third world war lasting 20 years, ending in 2092 The world leaders disarmed earth from all weapons, by sending them in spaceships towards the sun. With only the black market having a few But running out of bullets a new kind of weapon was created to keep the black market in business and his name is: THE BLACK MUSKETEER , but the real genius behind the weapon engineering is his partner known as: Mr. BUTCHER , he is the only one who can make the weapon work. It's been seven years since the world's governments has disarmed earth of all weapons and there's a great sence of peace around the world, with crime being well below one percent and only then is petty crime but this new created weapons is going to bring back a new beginning of terror, a new beginning when the invention of the gun was the beginning, a beginning of when the west was wild with no laws but only bullets

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