My Lonely Christmas in Berlin (2017)
Mélanie is a French musician in her late 30's living as an expat in Berlin. Though she finds some success, she still struggles to make ends meet with her art and is uncertain about the security of her career. After the sudden passing of her grandmother, Mélanie is devastated and finds herself alone for the first time during Christmas, a season that she would usually spend with her. But Mélanie is not completely alone: unexpectedly, one week before Christmas, a friend asks her to care of her son, Peter "the Magician," a strange boy who is unable to speak but is constantly filming with his little camcorder. Through the eyes of Peter's camera, Mélanie searches high and low for Christmas plans, but all efforts fail. Lonely as she has never been, she starts to escape into fantasies, following an attractive indigenous man through the desert of Castaneda, and ends up back in reality on Christmas Eve with her mechanic, André. Together, they wander the surprisingly quiet streets of Berlin. ..

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