Curtsy, Mister (2017)
A very human story of survival. Ronnie Grant is raised in the projects on 64th Street and West End Avenue in NYC. Eventually, he moves to the much nicer co-ops on 65th Street and West End Avenue. Introduced to cross-dressing by his Aunt Glo at the age of seven, he tells the stories of his misadventures through the fashion and beauty industries, overcoming drug addiction, and eventually, becoming a fashion editor at nationally-known magazine, Essence. He always remembers his older brother, Cary Grant as his protector and best friend, his mother as accepting of all his adventures, and finally credits Alcoholics Anonymous with saving his life. Still none of them can protect little Ronnie from being attractive to older men. In treatment Ronnie explores the depths of pain he has endured and why he was so susceptible to drug addiction. Never accepting the label of victim, Ronnie Grant tells this true story with dignity and humor

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