The Botticelli Secret Dossier (2017)
Chianti, nestled in the rustic beauty of the Tuscany hills, has for centuries provided a peaceful haven for many of its cultured inhabitants. Yet in an explosive series of mysterious events, a flurry of murder and intrigue erupts, bringing the past and present together as one. The hidden secrets of of the De Medici empire, with its enigmatic web of religious cults, are exposed in a plethora of blood crimes. The tangled lines of death and betrayal are buried very deep. Dr. Carla Renzi, the local Police Commissioner, is our beautiful protagonist. A woman of infinite knowledge and ambition. Her profound understanding of the "Botticelli Murders" analysis, brings her to the brink of apocalyptic discovery unknown in human history. As she roams the halls of her palatial Temple of Venus, she comes just that much closer to the eye of the mystery behind the Sandro Botticelli paintings. She and those close to her are in imminent danger... Secrets are exposed... Terror is unleashed... Evil shall ..

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