Zephyr (2017)
After arriving in Cuba, a young restaurateur(Abigail) arranges to meet with her husband(Rene) in Havana. Rene, a business man of sorts, hopes to conclude some rather peculiar business within the Batista regime. But when his body is discovered in their cabana, Abigail is propelled into a world of corrupt officials and mobsters who are all after the mysterious item that was in Rene's possession. As she searches deeper for answers layers of scandal and murder are unfolded beneath this ever-changing mystery of political influence and espionage as Abigail races against time to clear Rene's affairs before the encroaching Revolution arrives. With every question she answers she is thrown further into a thickening plot surrounding her inescapable past and a piece of classified information that could have altered the course of history. Based on the 2018 novel "The Shepherd and The Spy

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