Babes, Booze & Bullets (2017)
After his release from prison, Charlie is cracking on with his business in the underworld. He is soon taking back the control of his criminal empire from his father Barry, who he originally took over from before receiving his 9 year sentence for GBH and intent to supply class A drugs. Within days he soon has his team back together and going strong again. They fight their way back up the ladder and in no time at all they find themselves back at the top of their game. Charlie soon realizes how much the drug game has changed, the amount of competition that is now out there, and how many people are not as loyal as he originally thought. Charlie and Barry still work closely together, alongside their right hand men Bobby and Billie. The four of them are one hell of a team and no force to be reckoned with!!! Within weeks the four man team find themselves at war with rival firms, tracking people down, torture, plotting murders, and gangland killings. Apart from supplying every drug on the ..

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