ADDicted (2017)
Classes. Football. Finals. LSAT's. A bad break-up. Like many college students, Drew Dawson's life is overwhelming. Helping him keep balanced through it all, is Adderall, a prescription he's been on since age 10, for his supposed ADD. When Drew gets suspended from football, for academic violations, his life spirals out of control. 18 semester hours. Demanding internship. School newspaper. Sorority social chair. Days with little sleep. Ashley Ross takes overwhelming to the next level. Helping her maintain this super-human schedule is Drew's Adderall. But, now that they've split up, she no longer has her crutch. Ashley crashes back to Earth, finding it's nearly impossible to manage her life without Adderall. As their lives spiral downward, in steps Drew's former professor-the guy he blames for screwing it all up

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