The Inheritance (2016)
Min-Jae is a model student, living with his father who runs an art academy. One summer day, Min-Jae's father get arrested on a charge of sexually harassing a child and trial gets into progress. Min-Jae believed his father was not guilty, but he worried. After event, people gossiped about Min-Jae's father and bullied Min-Jae. Min-Jae's only hope was Yoo-Jin who met on part time job. She treated Min-Jae greatly because she didn't knew about Min-Jae's father. However, Minjae's father was found guilty, and his information and identities were released everywhere. In addition, Min-Jae fights against his friends at the school and didn't get along with them because of his father. However, Yoo-Jin's told her trauma to Min-Jae that she suffered for long time from an attempted rape when she was in high school. Min-Jae felts sorry for her and hated his father who was another sexual criminal. So Min-Jae attempts to commit suicide. However, Yoo -Jin helped Min-Jae to forgive his father. However, ..

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