Brave Heart (Jidd Jagnyachi) (2016)
a father producing a film in memory of his son? Sachidanand Karkhanis had a son Nikhil, a brilliant software engineer, who fought a brave battle against a deadly spinal ailment which consigned him to a wheel chair. But with the encouragement from his father and the ever-helpful HR Manager of his company, he went on to train company employees and has now even won the Best Faculty award. Today, Nikhil is no more. He fought his battle till the end of his life. So his father Sachidanand Karkhanis, decided to make a Marathi film titled 'Brave Heart- Jiddh Jagnyachi' in his memory, to tell the world of his son's inspiring story. Sachidanand teamed up with his friend Santosh Mokashi to produce this film, which is being directed by Dasbabu

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