The Teen Tech Team (2016)
After Mal gets released from The Digital World prison and Harry gets released from a real world prison after 10 years they re-team up to steal the Jelly Bean 10.1 software for Mal's anti upgrade doomsday device so they can take over the world. Detective Lizz who had put both of them away 10 yrs prior realizes she needs the next generation to help keep the world a safe place puts together a team of 5 different teenagers Katlyn, Brad, Steven, Sarah and Jake to form The Teen Tech Team. Along the way other villains like Marcy The Merciless, Sour Note and Melody and others try to leave their evil mark on the digital and real world. The teens at 1st have a hard time working together which drives Lizz crazy but eventually they learn that working together instead of fighting one another is the only way the world can be safe from evil doers like the ones they face in the movie

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