Thelma (2024)
Thelma is a psychological thriller directed by Josh Margolin that follows the story of a young woman named Thelma who discovers she has mysterious supernatural powers. As Thelma explores her newfound abilities, she begins to uncover dark family secrets and a troubling past that may have led to her powers.
As Thelma struggles to control her escalating powers and deal with her traumatic past, she finds herself drawn to Anja, a fellow student who offers her comfort and understanding. But as Thelma's powers continue to grow stronger, she must confront the terrifying truth of her past and the dangerous consequences of her abilities.
Filled with suspense, drama, and eerie supernatural elements, Thelma explores themes of identity, repression, and self-discovery as Thelma grapples with her newfound powers and the dark secrets that lie within her own mind. Will Thelma be able to control her abilities and confront her past, or will she be consumed by the darkness within her?

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